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Manav Adhikar Protection Organization Human Rights are those rights, which are inherent in human existence and belong to all human persons irrespective of gender, race, caste, ethnicity, and religion etc. The Oxford Companion to Philosophy says that in their strongest sense, rights are justified claims to the protection of persons' important interests.Human rights are not the gift or bounty of any political superior.
The laws are meant to reaffirm and recognize human rights and to provide the mechanism for their enforcement.The upholding of rights is essential for main- taining human dignity. Louis Henkin regarded rights as 'claims' rather than appeals to charity. Ronald Dworkin regards them as 'trumps' that set limits on state action when ever it encroached upon individual liberty. Jack Donnely pointed out that human rights are the new standard of civilization. 'All human rights for all' is the goal of the century and the aim is to ensure Continuous hits are being made by Manav Adhikar Emergency Helpline Association to address various Human Rights Issues.
Some of these issues are being monitored by NHRC as Programmes on the directions of the Supreme Court.Looked Up Human Rights issues taken up by the Commission include :-
  • Review of the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929
  • Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Preventing Employment of Children by Govt. Servants: Amendment of Service Rules
  • Abolition of Child Labour
  • Guidebook for the Media on Sexual Violence against Children
  • Trafficking in Women and Children : Manual for the Judiciary for Gender Sensitisation
  • Sensitization Programme on Prevention of Sex Tourism and Trafficking
  • Maternal Anaemia and Human Rights
  • Combating Sexual Harassment of Women at the Work Place
  • Harassment of Women Passengers in Trains
  • Abolition of Manual Scavenging
  • Rights of the Disabled
  • Right to Health